The Three-way Situation

Daria and Joe have been living together for two years. They’ve been in a stable relationship for seven years. During that time they have experimented with a third female partner, on and off. Six months ago Joe ask Daria to consider a permanent female to live with them, and be a part of their relationship. Leah moved into the spare bedroom two months later, and things were hot and exciting for two months. Leah’s youth brought something exciting to the relationship, and they all enjoyed being together, and one on one. Leah liked the comforts of the home Joe provided for Daria and herself, but she felt second to Daria. To secure her spot in Joe’s heart she started focusing all her attention on Joe. Daria started to feel left out, but she didn’t want to appear jealous of Leah. Daria was always a secure woman, but Leah is younger, and more attractive than her. Joe seems to be enjoying the newness Leah brings to the relationship. A month ago, Daria now sleeps alone for the most part. She pretends to be sleepy to take away from the awkwardness of the situation. She does all the cooking and cleaning to keep herself useful in the relationship, but she is distraught over her current circumstances. One day Daria made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and had Joe and Leah’s plate made. She hears them laughing in the hallway.

Daria: Dinner is ready!

Joe: Okay

Joe and Leah come downstairs to the kitchen.

Joe: It looks good, I’m starved.

Leah: Thank goodness you can cook. I bring other skills to the table… How come you made our plates?

Daria: I was trying to be nice.

Leah: Really? Leaving it in the pot was how I knew you weren’t trying to poison me.

Joe: What? Come on now Leah.

Daria: It’s okay. I’ll take her plate, and she can scrape the pot for leftovers.

Daria snatches the plate from Leah’s hands and puts a mouthful of spaghetti in her mouth and walks away.

Leah: (to Joe) I guess I shouldn’t have said that out loud. Now I’m hungry.

As Daria turns the corner, she spits the entire content of food in her mouth, into a napkin, and walks upstairs.



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