The Quiet Ride

James and Noel were riding on the road  for hours. Noel is asleep on the passenger side, and James is wondering how he could sleep after all the events that transpired in the last 24 hours. Neither one of them were able to get any sleep until now. James is convinced he’ll rest for days after this job is done. Noel’s phone is ringing, and since he’s sleep, James grabs it and looks. It’s Noel’s girlfriend again. Noel can’t keep ignoring the calls of a noisy, paranoid, bitch. She will have her friends out looking for him, and even file a missing person’s report. James answers the phone.



No, it’s James. Noel is sleep.”

“Why are you answering his phone? Wake him up!”

He was up all night working, he ain’t waking up.”

What! Y’all went to a strip club and he’s with some ho?”

James shakes his head, because he was with Noel when he met Candace and she was dancing at a strip club. She had his head turned around, and he made a ho into a girlfriend.

He’ll be up in a few, and I’ll tell him to call you.”

He better, or I’ll be out looking for him.”

Okay, it’s cool Candace, he’s asleep for real. He’ll hit you back up.”

Candace hangs up the phone. James looks at the phone and puts it down.

James shakes his head. “Bitch.”

Noel wakes up. “Who you talking to?”

“Oh, now you’re up. Candace kept calling, so I had to answer the phone.”

“Why you do that?”

She could be a problem for what we need to do. We don’t need people drawing attention to our whereabouts. She would have a search party looking for you.”

Noel shakes his head. “Damn… she’s becoming a problem.”

James gives Noel a serious look. “Let me know when you want to get rid of your problem.”

“First, we have to get rid of the problem in the trunk. Look over there… that’s a good spot to dig.”

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