The Last Stand

Janet gets out her car and she’s walking towards a front door.

Janet: (to herself) If I have to kick the door down and drag her out, I will. I can’t leave without her.

Janet bangs on the front door. Jaleen opens the door.

Jaleen: What are you doing here?

Janet: I came for you.

Janet pushes her way through the front door.

Janet: You can’t stay here. You can stay with me, get a job, you’ll be fine.

Pete walks into the living room from the kitchen. Both women look his way.

Janet: (to Pete) You’re a monster. I’m not going to stand by and let you hurt my sister, you asshole!

Jaleen: Janet! Stop it.

Janet: What? You’re defending him?

Jaleen: He’s my husband.

Janet: Your HUSBAND is beating your ass! And everyone knows it! Your neighbors, all your old friends, our family. You need to pack a bag and leave with me right now. We’ll pick up the kids from school.

Pete: You lost your mind if you think you’re gonna come in here and take my family away.

Janet and Pete stare at each other. Janet pulls out a Taser.

Jaleen: Janet! I’m not leaving. You have to leave. This is none of your business.

Janet looks at Jaleen stunned.

Janet: He’s going to kill you.

Jaleen: (tearful) Get out!

Janet: (starts to cry) Oh, now you have balls.

Janet leaves out the front door, and gets in her car.

Janet: (to herself) I tried.

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