The Candidate

Jasmine walks in the ladies’ room and Porsha was leaning against the wall, blowing smoke out the window.

Jasmine: Hey, what did you hear about the position?

Porsha: Teresa and Aimee liked you, but Greg is flat out against promoting you. He’s behind another candidate for the position.

Jasmine: What? Did he say why?

Porsha: Nope. The final decision will be made tomorrow, so if you have a plan, do something.

Jasmine: Thanks.

Jasmine hands Porsha some cash, and leaves the rest room. It’s the end of the day and Greg has he coat on, and leaves out the door. Jasmine is in the corner and sees him leave. She grabs her coat and follows him to the parking garage.

Jasmine: Hey Greg, wait up. Do you want to get a drink or something?

Greg: Uh, no.

Jasmine: Why not?

Greg looks her up and down.

Greg: You’re not my type.

Jasmine: Oh, I’m everyone’s type.

Greg: Not mine. Good night.

Greg get in his car and drives off. Jasmine shakes her head. The next day Jasmine is called in the office.

Teresa: I’m pleased to inform you, that you have been selected for the position.

Jasmine: Wow, thanks.

Teresa: We couldn’t get in touch with Greg all day, so we moved forward and made a decision. I hope he’s okay, he never no shows for work.

Jasmine: I hope he’s okay too.



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