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Service with a Smile

He’s a degenerate and everybody knows it, and yet, his ways are tolerated for the sake of money. Ginna was stuck waiting on him last week, and every time she went over to the table to see if he needed something, he always manages to touch her somewhere on her body and he always “needed” something. He thinks this is a strip club? His tips are double the norm, but who cares. He can shove that 30 percent up his ass. We’ve complained to our manager, Dave, over and over, but it’s like this man has some kind of power over him.

Dave with a dismissive tone,  “I hear you. I can put in a complaint with the general manager.”

Tina says, “I’m not here to complain. I’m letting you know that all the women servers are quitting, effective immediately.”

Tina walks out the office. Dave jumps up and follows her.

“Tina, wait a minute!”

A dozen female employees are standing outside the office with angry faces and arms crossed.

Dave get nervous, “Please ladies, let’s talk about this.”

Tina looks Dave in the eyes, “Talk then Dave.”

Dave is dumbfounded “Uh…”

“That’s what I thought.” Tina says “Bye boy!”

The women walk out. Dave hangs his head looking defeated.