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Caught With My Pants Down

“This is not easy for me to explain. We all go through it. It’s a basic human function. Eight hours working at one place, we all have to use the bathroom. Being a lower level worker, there are no private facilities to use. Things usually go well, but not today. I’m in the stall finishing up. Today of all days I decided to flush the toilet before pulling my clothes up. Probably because I was feeling guilty over the smell I left in the bathroom. The plumbing was feeling rebellious and the toilet decided to overflow in the stall I was in. The bathroom was empty so I figured I should get out of the stall before urine and shit water get on me. I run out the stall, tumble because my pants are at my ankles and fall to the floor. I still manage to get toilet water on me. At the same time, not one but two women walk in the bathroom and see me trying to get up off the floor, semi wet pulling my pants up. They were looking at me like I cursed in church!”

Kira’s Supervisor crosses her arms. “So that is why you want to be transferred to a different building?”

“Yes. You can understand why, right?”

“I’m sorry I asked why.”