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The Perfect Storm

As Heather leaves a hotel and gets in an Uber, she can’t help but think about how good she has it. A loving husband who pays all the bills, and goes away on enough business trips where she can enjoy her man toy, David. After 10 years of marriage with a 20 year age difference, Heather’s husband can’t keep up with her, sexually, anymore.

Heather’s husband Frank has two grown children and they live in other states. Frank and Heather moved to Chicago a few months ago and she feels free to act how she pleases, because no one knows them in this new city. Heather met David at the hotel bar two months ago, and they meet there to spend time together. Heather’s cover story with David is that she lives out of town, and comes to town on business. She tries to see him whenever she can.  Heather’s husband is flying back in the evening and he said he has a surprise for her. She loves his surprises. It’s usually dinner, jewelry, or a spontaneous vacation. He sent a limo to pick her up and take her to a surprise destination. Heather’s in the limo fixing her hair, then looks up to see she is outside the hotel that she rendezvous with David.

“Why are we stopping here?” Heather asks the limo driver.

“This is where your husband told me to bring you.”

Frank is standing outside with flowers.  He opens the limo door.

Heather’s a little anxious.  “Baby, why did you pick this place? I’m sure there are nicer hotels.”

“Than this one? The restaurant is all over the credit card statement, so I thought this was your favorite spot.”

“You’re looking at my credit card statements?”

“I’m paying the bill, and it’s been higher than normal, so I looked to see what you were spending my money on.”

Heather looks at Frank surprised. He escorts her to the bar.

Heather look hesitant. “You didn’t get a room?”

“I thought we could have a drink first.”

The bartender recognizes Heather. “Hey Heather, do you want your usually?”

Heather looks nervous.  “Sure.”

Frank smiles. “I’ll take the same.”

Heather is looking all around.

“Are you looking for someone?”

“What? No.”

David walks in the bar. Heather feels faint. David looks around and sees Heather. He walks up to Heather and Frank.

“Hi Heather.”

Heather attempts a cover. “Do I know you?”

“I have a video of us I made that answers that question.”

Heather’s astonished. “What!”

Heather looks at Frank, shaking her head.

David continues. “I followed you home last week, and realized you lied to me. I talked to your husband, and we planned this meeting.”

“I needed proof of infidelity to leave you with nothing in the divorce.”

David chimes in,  “And I made a quick buck in the process.”

Heather gasps for air.  “Please Frank!”

Frank looks at Heather coldly. “You should get a room here. You don’t want to come home.”

Frank and David leave. Heather cries at the bar.

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All Planned Out

Mellie can never say no to her best friend, so once again she is caught up in one of her schemes. This time Ginger has Mellie in deep with no way out. She’s feeling regret over trying to scam some guy Ginger knows out of some money, and the pressure is getting to her. Mellie is running 15 minutes behind schedule. She’s dragging an unconscious body through a long, dark corridor, which was not a part of the plan. She hears chatter coming closer. Where the hell is she? Mellie’s thinking.  The voices are getting closer, so Mellie looks around for a viable option. She sees boxes stacked high a few feet away. She gets the unconscious body behind the boxes, and she squeezes in also. The unconscious person is waking up. Mellie hears footsteps and the voices are louder. She now knows who’s coming and she needs to keep the person unconscious while Ginger finishes up. She only brought one chloroform rag with her, which she already used. At this point, Mellie is sweating and shaking. She starts choking the person to keep quiet, but they started kicking the boxes. The people in the corridor run towards the boxes and grabs Mellie off the orderly.

Dr. Jean gasps. “I thought Mellie was in isolation?”

More orderlies come out to help.

The nurse looks bewildered. “She was doctor. Ginger went in to check on her 20 minutes ago. I don’t know how she got out.”

“Get Mellie back to isolation, and no visitors. She’s too dangerous.”

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The Highway of Regret

It wasn’t a good time to speak up. Maddie knew he was capable of just about anything, but she didn’t care anymore. The fear left her body, and consequence became a stranger. Two hours later, her feet  are burning and she’s walking down the highway with just the shirt on her back. She now feels her timing could have been better. The sun was going to set soon and she was a long way from home. She hadn’t eaten in hours, and she’s thirsty. Out of desperation, she stuck out her thumb to hitch hike. Cars zoom by, and Maddie gets worried that no one will stop, but someone finally pulled over.

It was an old lady. Maddie felt it was safe to get in.

The lady smiled. “Hi. This has to be the craziest thing I’ve ever done. Do you drive?”

Maddie leans down and looks through the passenger window. “Yes. I can drive.”

“God has answered my prayers. I didn’t know how I was going to make it on this long road. Can you drive while I take a nap?”

“Sure, if you are comfortable with that.”

“I don’t have a choice. I’m exhausted and I need to be in Pennsylvania tonight.”

Maddie smiled. “We can get there in three hours.”

The lady pats her neck with a handkerchief.  “Good.”

“I’m sorry, but do you have any food or water?”

“Oh yes! Yes. Check the trunk. I have water bottles in a cooler and I made chicken salad sandwiches for the road.”

“Thanks so much!” Maddie goes to the trunk and grabs two water bottles and a sandwich.

The old lady slides to the passenger side of the old car. Maddie walks to the driver’s side and gets in and drives. The old lady is fast asleep. Maddie is listening to the radio and drinking her water. An hour later, she hears the sounds of police sirens and she moves over to the far right lane. The police move over behind her. Maddie pulls over and stops the car. One of the police officers walk up to her side of the car.

Maddie taps the old lady on the shoulder.  “Uh. Excuse me Miss. The police…”

The officer knocks on the window hard. Maddie is startled and finds the button to wind the window down.

The officer give Maddie a serious look. “Is this your car Miss?”

“No. It’s hers. I’ve been trying to wake her up.”

“Who is she?”

“Uh. I don’t know.”

The other officer reaches through the open passenger window and checks the old lady’s pulse.

He shakes his head. “She’s dead.”

Maddie’s heart sunk.