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Bitter Taste

Coco is sitting at a bar nursing a drink. She wasn’t going to drink, but hearing the laugh of the airhead slut snuggling up with her husband in the booth, she needed something strong to keep her from vomiting.

Coco thinks to herself.

She’s really isn’t all that. She younger than me, okay, smaller waist, whatever, and maybe a little prettier…fuck her, fuck him.

Coco looks up for the bartender. “Can I get another drink please?”

“Only if you leave your keys and take a cab.”

“I took an Uber here.”

Coco lied about driving because she wanted to be able to follow her husband’s car if he leaves.

Coco winces in the direction of booth.

Rat bastard

Coco sees her husband and the woman making out in the booth, and she can’t take it anymore. She marches over to the booth.

“Well! well! well!”

They jump out of their embrace.

Jim looks puzzled. “Coco? What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I…why are you driving Mike’s car? And this looks like his jacket?”

“You know your husband likes to work late. I borrowed his car, and I grabbed his jacket by accident. My brother’s not gonna care. Wait a minute, you thought I was Mike?” Jim chuckles.

“Whatever Jim. He always says he’s working late.”

Jim shakes his head. “That’s because he’s working late.”

“Okay.” Coco stumbles back to the bar-stool.