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The Surprise Talk

Marla knew something was going down. She heard whispers from the clique groups at the job. She wasn’t going to ask for gossip, she wanted to know the real info. Marla was laid off two companies in the past, and the atmosphere of gossip, and the boss letting you leave on time all week feels all too familiar.

She tried not to get upset, but she put her blood sweat and tears in her work so she won’t be in this position again. She thought being indispensable was the key, but now she’s thinking there is no key.

After creeping around her boss finally speaks to her in the lobby.

“Marla, I need to see you in my office at the end of the day.”

“Okay, is there anything I need to bring?”

“No, just you.”


Marla walks to her desk fuming over the talk her boss wants to have.

Marla says to herself, “They let you work the whole day, then they send you packing…is that in a handbook or something?”

Five o’clock comes and Marla notices how people are staring at her as she walks to the boss’s office. She decides she’s going to rip him a new one, because she has worked so hard and it wasn’t appreciated. Marla opens the boss’s door…

Everyone yells, “Surprise!”

Marla jumps.

Everyone sings, “Happy birthday to you… happy birthday dear Marla…happy birthday to you!”

Marla’s boss walks up to her smiling. “I wanted you to know that I appreciate your hard work, and I see you.”

Marla was so excited to be noticed, she couldn’t break it to them that her birthday was next month.”