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Elevator to the Bottom

Kim impatiently waits for the elevator doors to open. It’s been almost a week since her last rendezvous, and she is teeming with excitement.

An hour earlier, she was riddled with guilt.

Kim’s cover story of her friend Amy having problem after problem were getting old. She knew her husband suspected her of cheating. She’s sloppy with her excuses and he caught her in a lie. He started spending more time at home and wanted to take her out to dinner, but Kim’s heart isn’t in it anymore. She wanted to leave for her secret meeting, and nothing Jeff said stopped her from going. He looked devastated when Kim said she must go and help her friend. She couldn’t get Jeff’s sad face out of her head.

He knows.

Kim presses the elevator button continuously. “Dammit.”

The doors finally opens and six people with luggage rolling behind them, were the cock blocking culprits. Kim enters the elevator and presses the close door button to speed her ride. When the elevator doors finally open, Kim exits with haste, and pulls a key card out her bag. With one swipe, she was able to enter the hotel room. Brian is sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting patiently. His shirtless body is a masterpiece, and he is enjoying a glass of wine. She throws her duffel bag on the floor and drops her trench jacket, revealing her petite, naked body. Unable to break his gaze, he leans towards the nightstand and sits his glass of wine down.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

He stands up, towering over her and grabs her waist, pressing her breasts into his chiseled abs. She’s standing on her tiptoes so she can meet his kiss. His 6’4” frame pulls her up more and they tease each other kissing slowly and slipping tongue. Their bodies soon became heated and the passionate kissing turns into biting, licking and sucking each other’s faces. He loses the war of wills and he throws her to the bed and continues the vigorous actions down her entire body. He settles on her sweet spot and takes his time pleasing her. She bites her lip, trying to resist his pleasures, but soon her lip quivers when she succumbs `to his will. She’s breathless.

Brian looks at Kim, smiling over his handiwork. “A man who can do that shouldn’t have to beg to see you.”

“Don’t start that now. It’s a mood killer. I risked a lot to come see you.” Kim sits upright. “He knows something’s going on.”

“He’s not keeping you happy. You should tell him about us.”

“No. I should try and work on my marriage.”

“Why are you forcing yourself to be with someone you’re not attracted to anymore?”

“Dammit Brian! I’m putting my kids first.” Kim shakes her head. “Why don’t you try to put your son first and stop trying to break up his marriage?”

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I Spy With My Little Eye

Janey is tired of arguing with her husband. For the past year, he has been absent in every sense of the word. Whenever Janey addresses the problem, he evades questions and acts like nothing has changed. But it has. Janey and Donald haven’t had sex for four months, and his out of town business trips are more frequent. Janey wants to have a baby, and Donald wants to wait until he makes partner. Janey knows something is wrong no matter how much her husband acts like it’s in her head. She decides to follow him on his next business trip. Donald said he will be out of town for four days in California to meet with clients. He left for the airport the next day. Janey called his office, disguising her voice.

“Hi, this is Sara calling for Mr. Johnson. Mr. Peters is waiting for him, and he’s concerned that he’s not coming.”

The assistant doesn’t recognize Janey’s voice. “I’m so sorry if there was a scheduling error. Mr. Johnson is in New Jersey at a meeting. I can reach out to him at Colossal Suites….”

“No need. I believe I made the scheduling error.”


Janey hangs up and picks up her keys. 

Later, Janey is in the parking lot of Colossal Suites, checking out the area through binoculars. Her sister is in the passenger seat eating a hoagie.

“Enough with the stakeout shit. Are we going to fuck him and that bitch up or what?” Jody says through a full mouth of hoagie.

“That’s why your ghetto ass is here. I need to figure out what room he’s in. Let’s go in. I have an idea.”

They walk in the lobby. Jody waits by the elevators. Janey walks to the front desk.

“Hi. My husband was meeting me here, but his phone is going straight to voicemail. I’m supposed to get a key to the room.”

The attendant looks at Janey’s face and clothes. “Name and id please.”

“I’m Janey Johnson. My husband is Donald Johnson. He checked in this morning.”

Janey shows the attendant her driver’s license.

“Yes. He’s in the honeymoon suite 500.”

Janey’s eyes start to burn. She put on a fake smile.  “It’s our anniversary.”

The attendant smiles. “Happy anniversary!”

He hands Janey a key card.


Janey’s smile washes away when she turns around and heads to the elevator.

“Jody, he’s in the honeymoon suite.”

“Calm down before someone hears you. We got him. Let’s go up.”

The elevator ride is long and quiet.

Janey and Jody hear loud moaning through the door. They look at each other with disgust.

Janey opens the door…Donald is having sex with a man on the sofa. Janey cups her mouth.

Jody screams.  “I knew it!”

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Bitter Taste

Coco is sitting at a bar nursing a drink. She wasn’t going to drink, but hearing the laugh of the airhead slut snuggling up with her husband in the booth, she needed something strong to keep her from vomiting.

Coco thinks to herself.

She’s really isn’t all that. She younger than me, okay, smaller waist, whatever, and maybe a little prettier…fuck her, fuck him.

Coco looks up for the bartender. “Can I get another drink please?”

“Only if you leave your keys and take a cab.”

“I took an Uber here.”

Coco lied about driving because she wanted to be able to follow her husband’s car if he leaves.

Coco winces in the direction of booth.

Rat bastard

Coco sees her husband and the woman making out in the booth, and she can’t take it anymore. She marches over to the booth.

“Well! well! well!”

They jump out of their embrace.

Jim looks puzzled. “Coco? What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I…why are you driving Mike’s car? And this looks like his jacket?”

“You know your husband likes to work late. I borrowed his car, and I grabbed his jacket by accident. My brother’s not gonna care. Wait a minute, you thought I was Mike?” Jim chuckles.

“Whatever Jim. He always says he’s working late.”

Jim shakes his head. “That’s because he’s working late.”

“Okay.” Coco stumbles back to the bar-stool.