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Domestic Dispute

I thought I was doing the right thing, but I never dreamed I would need to call the police. The bickering could have been avoided… someone could have walked away, but because of foolish pride, we stayed and let the situation escalate.

I dismissed his feelings…he decided to get loud…I felt disrespected, so I blatantly disrespected him. He got angry, and broke my favorite vase. He smashed it to pieces and it cut my face in the process. He stood there… breathing hard like a beast.

I yelled at him, “Get out!”

He said, “No! Make me!”

I grabbed a long kitchen knife…

He shook his head, “You dumb bitch.”

He looked around for something to grab, so I stabbed him in the gut. His eyes were filled with a look of shock. I felt instant regret and shame. I turned to grab the phone. I wanted ask the 911 operator for help, but suddenly I couldn’t speak. He managed to pull the knife out his side and cut my throat. It’s hard to stop the bleeding and I can no longer speak with the 911 operator for help. We were arguing over custody of our children, and now the kids will grow up without parents.