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All Planned Out

Mellie can never say no to her best friend, so once again she is caught up in one of her schemes. This time Ginger has Mellie in deep with no way out. She’s feeling regret over trying to scam some guy Ginger knows out of some money, and the pressure is getting to her. Mellie is running 15 minutes behind schedule. She’s dragging an unconscious body through a long, dark corridor, which was not a part of the plan. She hears chatter coming closer. Where the hell is she? Mellie’s thinking.  The voices are getting closer, so Mellie looks around for a viable option. She sees boxes stacked high a few feet away. She gets the unconscious body behind the boxes, and she squeezes in also. The unconscious person is waking up. Mellie hears footsteps and the voices are louder. She now knows who’s coming and she needs to keep the person unconscious while Ginger finishes up. She only brought one chloroform rag with her, which she already used. At this point, Mellie is sweating and shaking. She starts choking the person to keep quiet, but they started kicking the boxes. The people in the corridor run towards the boxes and grabs Mellie off the orderly.

Dr. Jean gasps. “I thought Mellie was in isolation?”

More orderlies come out to help.

The nurse looks bewildered. “She was doctor. Ginger went in to check on her 20 minutes ago. I don’t know how she got out.”

“Get Mellie back to isolation, and no visitors. She’s too dangerous.”