Silent Partner

June wakes up with her wrists tied to a chair in a dark room. She is back to back with another person who seemed to have been locked up for a while. June went on vacation to Mexico, and decided to explore beyond the resort. She was digging in her handbag to give some money to the children in the streets begging. She was hit from behind, and now she’s locked up in a dungy rat hole of a space.

June: (whispering) Hey, hey. We have to get out of here.

Woman: Uh.

June: Come on. Hold your hands down, and I’ll move mine up.

Woman: (whispering) Okay.

June pulls and twists her wrists. She hears the voices of men speaking Spanish right outside the door. She moves quicker. Her eyes scan the room, and she sees firewood stacked in the corner

June: I have an idea.

June breaks free from the hand ties. She runs in the corner and picks up a piece of wood. The men’s voices were getting louder.

June: Hey, get up and grab a piece of wood. Hey.

June walks towards the woman.

June: Ah!

The women’s face is missing her nose, and her ear is cut off. The woman dies. Just then two men come in the room and grab June. She screams and they drag her out.


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