In a hotel room, there are three people lying sleep in a king size bed. There are empty wine bottles all around the room. The young lady on the end is sleeping on top of the covers. She’s wearing just a bra and panties. She wakes up, her eyes widen and her heart races. She sits up in the bed and looks at her other two bedmates, a man and woman, who are still sleep. She gets up and frantically searches the room. She stops and looks out the window.

Lisa: (to herself) “Where am I?”

Lisa turns around and sees a cell phone on the night stand. She picks up the phone and makes a call. Melissa is at home reading a magazine and she answers a ringing phone that’s sitting on an end table in the living room.

Melissa: “Hello.”

Lisa: (anxious and talking low) “Melissa, please, I need you. Listen…”

Melissa: (interrupts) “No, you listen. I’m tired of bailing your ass out of something every other day.”

Lisa: (nervous) “But”

Melissa: (interrupts) “I don’t want to hear it, and I’m not helping you until you admit you have a problem, and you’re going to get some help.”

Lisa: (defeated) “You’re right, this is crazy, it’s not normal, and something is wrong with me.”

Melissa: “Where are you?”

Lisa: (anxious) “I don’t know. A hotel suite (looks around for a hotel name on something, she picks up a napkin) The Hill Top Suites.”

Melissa: “Which one?”

Lisa: (hyper) “I don’t know. I’m in a strange hotel, using a stranger’s cell phone, and (looking down at her chest) wearing a stranger’s underwear.”

Lisa breaks down and cries a little. “I can’t remember anything.”

Lisa has a flash of her sitting on the hotel bed, intoxicated, and a woman pulls Lisa’s dress up over her head. A guy is on his knees in front of her. He kisses her on the stomach. The flash is over. Lisa looks at the bed and the same guy and girl in the flash are sleeping in the bed.

Lisa: “I got to get out of here.”

Melissa: “Go down to the lobby, find out where you are, and call me back.”

Lisa: (frustrated and looking around) “I can’t find any of my things.”

Melissa: “Put someone’s clothes on and get out.”

Lisa: “Okay.”

Lisa hangs up the phone and picks a skirt up. Lisa is outside the hotel wearing an oversized tee shirt and a mini skirt and pumps. Melissa drives up to where Lisa is standing and Lisa gets in the front seat.

Melissa: “Are you okay?”

Lisa: “No.”

Melissa drives off. Lisa has her elbow on the window and her hand is covering her eyes.

Melissa: “Where did you go last night?”

Lisa: thinks deeply, “I don’t know.”

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