Life and Love in the 21th Century

Shawna slams the phone down. She’s tired of not hearing back from her boyfriend. She looks at her watch and its 11:00pm. She makes another call. Shawna calls her best friend Kelly who is sleeping in bed. Kelly’s phone rings and wakes her up. She sits up and answers it.

“Hello,” Kelly says sleepily.

“Kelly, I need your help.”

“Shawna, what’s wrong?”

The following morning, early, Kelly and Shawna are sitting in Kelly’s car parked at the corner, across the street from a condo complex. Kelly is sitting in the driver’s seat eating lo mein and shaking her head in disbelief. Shawna is on the passenger’s side looking across the street.

“I can’t believe I’m helping you spy on Kevin.” Kelly says. “When a man won’t return my calls, and it’s been two weeks, I would move on.”

Kelly goes back to eating. Shawna lifts up her binoculars to her eyes and looks across the street towards the condominium building.

“I guess he would be someone you weren’t really into,” Shawna snapped, “because if you cared for him deeply, you would need some type of explanation.”

Shawna takes the binoculars from her eyes and looks at Kelly.

“I invested six months of my life in this relationship!”

Kelly gags on her noodles and coughs.

“What relationship? You’re just a booty call he takes to lunch once in a while. You’re not really a part of his life, and this is the third time he pulled something like this.”

Shawna looks at Kelly annoyed.

“Before, he had a lot going on.”

“Oh yeah, the first time his grandmother was sick, so he couldn’t call you for a week. Second was his father, the corporate giant,” Kelly air quotes “came to town for a week, and he wouldn’t have understood Kevin’s relationship with you, because you’re a waitress. What’s his excuse now?”

Kelly looks across the street. She sees Kevin walking out the building with beautiful, well- dressed woman by his side.

“I guess his sister is in town this time.”

Shawna looks across the street in astonishment as Kevin kisses the woman passionately ten yards away.

“I think Kevin and his sister need psychiatric help,” Kelly jokes.

Shawna jumps out the car and walks across the street quickly.

“What the hell is going on?”

Kevin and the woman were a little startled. Kevin looks annoyed when he sees Shawna.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

The woman hurries and gets in Kevin’s convertible.

“What do you mean what the hell I’m doing here? Who’s this bitch?”

“Bitch? She owns her own company and makes a six figure salary. How’s that waitress job doing?”

Shawna slaps him. She’s teary eyed and disgusted.

             “She’s still a bitch! That’s why you haven’t called? I’m not good enough anymore!”

“I can’t have a relationship with someone satisfied with nothing. You don’t have shit, don’t want shit, and you want me to meet your kid who you don’t take care of. You should have realized we were over by now. I don’t even call you!”

“You should have been a man and spoke up!”

“Now you know.”

Kevin gets in his car, and drives away. Shawna stands there tearing and watching the car drive down the street. Kelly walks up behind Shawna, and puts her arm around her. Shawna cries hard.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“I can’t believe this!” Shawna whines.

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