Jena’s Great Escape

Jena is running through a thick forest, barefoot. She is panting for air. She is running as fast as she can, despite the fact that her feet are bleeding from running through the untamed, natural surface. It was dark and she is tired of running. The forest was far and wide as the eyes can see, but she desperately had to get to someone, anyone. She needs help, and she wants to get home. She runs more to the left, and as fast as possible. Jena spots a road. It was dark and no cars were riding. She kept running straight until she sees headlights coming, she runs in the street, waving her hands.

Jena: Stop! Please!

The vehicle swerves trying to avoid hitting Jena. There’s a man and woman in the truck.

Man: Girl, I almost ran you over!

Jena: I need your help!

Woman: No, drive. It could be a trap. It’s dark out here. She’s not alone!

Jena: No!

The man starts to pull off.

Jena: No!

Jena grabs onto the back of the truck, and lifts her legs up. The woman sees she’s been hanging on the back of the truck for a quarter of a mile.

Woman: Stop the truck. Let her in. She’s alone.

The man stops the truck.

Woman: You can get in girl.

Jena gets in the back seat. He drives off.

Jena: Thanks so much. Is there a sheriff office close by?

Man: Yeah, Two miles up the road.

Jena: Please take me there.

Man: Okay.

Woman: What were you doing out there alone?

Jena: I’m tryna get home. It’s been awhile.

Man: Here’s the sheriff’s office coming up on this strip.

Jena: Thank you, thank you so much.

Jena gets out the truck, and runs into the sheriff’s office.

Jena: I need some help!

Officer: What’s going on young lady? How did you get here?

Jena: I just got a ride from some people on the road. I need…

Officer: What road? There’s no road out there.

Jena’s sight becomes blurry. The officer’s face started getting hard for Jena to see.

Jena: I, I.

Jena is partially awake in the forest, laying on the thick forest ground panting for air.