Five Minutes Flat

Karol became conscience and quickly realized that she was bound and gagged in the trunk of her own car. She cannot believe this woman tied her up, and she is kidnapping her in her own car. Why did she have to be a Good Samaritan? Her head still hurts from being hit with something, but she was coherent enough to know she must get free now. The trunk was stuffy, and she could smell many reasons to clean it out later. “The latch!” There’s a latch that can let her out from the inside of the trunk. Her hands were tied tight and she couldn’t maneuver anything from behind. Karol then slid her bounded hands down under her butt, behind her legs, and bent her feet back until her tied hands were in front of her. She pulled the tie down off her mouth and gasps for breaths. She then used her teeth to get her hands untied. She feels the car coming to a stop. She grabs a crowbar behind her and bends on her knees. She hears keys opening the trunk. When the trunk opens she sees a man standing with the woman who kidnapped her, she swung the crowbar, quick to the man’s head and he fell out cold. Karol jumps out the trunk, and pins crowbar to the woman’s neck and pushes her to the wall of the garage they were in. “Open the garage door, or I’m going to kill you.” The woman nods, because she can’t speak with Karol jamming the crowbar against her throat. Tears are coming down the woman’s face. Karol releases the bar and punches her in the face. “I tried to do something nice, and this is how you repay me. That’s why no one in the family deals with you, you dumb crackhead.”

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