Drama Hits Home

Jasmine loved drama. When she hears police sirens on the block, she comes outside with her phone, ready to post drama on social media. Drama is entertainment when it happens to other people, but today it was Jasmine’s turn. Jasmine was seeing a married man on and off for five years. There was a knock at her door. She opened the door. It was her boyfriend Brad’s wife Jessica. Jasmine pretended not to know her.

Jasmine: Can I help you?

Jessica: Are you Jasmine?

Jasmine: Who’s asking?

Jessica: Brad’s wife?

Jasmine: I don’t know who you are talking about. Who’s Brad?

Jessica: Yes you do Jasmine. I don’t want to fight, I’m just here to talk.

Jasmine looks at Jessica’s hands, clothes, and purse to see if see could be carrying a weapon. She wasn’t wearing a jacket, her clothes didn’t have pockets, and her purse was a clutch. Jasmine stepped aside to let Jessica in.

Jessica: I know Brad’s been cheating for years with you and dozens of girls.

Jasmine: Dozens?

Jessica: I should have left him a million times, but I stayed.

Jasmine: Dozens, meaning a whole lot?

Jessica: I found someone I really cared about, and I was leaving Brad. I went to the doctor to get some tests done, so that I would bring anything to a new relationship.

Jessica gets emotional and pulls a letter out her clutch.

Jessica: I tested positive for AIDS, not HIV, but AIDS!

Jasmine starts breathing heavy, her hand is shaking as she reads the letter.

Jessica: (through tears) Brad apparently infected me years ago, and now I can’t move ahead, and have a happy life with someone else.

Jasmine stands there numb.

Jessica: I’m still leaving Brad, to enjoy whatever time I have left with my friends and family. I do not want to look at his disgusting face again. He’s all yours. We broke up yesterday.

Jasmine: Yesterday? He didn’t say anything to me.

Jessica: Maybe he said it to someone else, or he’s in shock over having AIDS.

Jasmine: How could he let this happen?

Jessica: He’s a dog. I knew he was seeing you the longest, so I thought you should know.

Jessica walked out the door. A distressed Jasmine texted Brad to come over immediately. Hours later, Brad knocks on the door. Jasmine lets him in.

Jasmine: Where you been?

Brad: Damn. Can I get a beer?

Jasmine: No we have to talk!

Brad: What are you trippin’ about now?

Brad walks pass her and gets the beer himself.

Jasmine: Why didn’t you tell me you and your wife broke up?

Brad: How do you know that?

Jasmine: Is there anything else you want to tell me?

Brad: It’s none of your business anyway.

Jasmine: None of my business! That’s how you treat me?

Brad: You are out of your damn mind! Now you have an issue? You know what this is!

Jasmine: I’m not your trash!

Brad takes a swallow of beer. Jasmine pulls out a kitchen knife and stabs Brad in the chest. Jasmine starts to scream when she realizes with she did, as Brad hits the floor. The police shows up five minutes later. She doesn’t know who called the police, but Brad’s dead, and she has his blood all over her. She opens the door, gets cuffed and brought outside by police. All her neighbor were looking and taking pictures of her. She sees Jessica in the crowd. She holds the paper in the air.

Jessica (shouts): The results are fake bitch!

Jessica smiles as Jasmine is taken away.

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