David could feel a bead of sweat falling from his forehead, but he could not move, he couldn’t breathe. He was getting a pain in his back from the awkward position he was in, in the closet. This was worth all the distress he put on his body. He had to know, he needed to know what his wife is doing while he’s at work. David has been working long hours the last four months, trying to get a promotion at work. He wanted his beautiful wife to have everything. But now she is distant, and not interested in him sexually. He tried to talk to her, but now it comes down to this. David hears chatter in the distance, and his wife laughs loudly. The voices are getting closer, and then they enter the bedroom. He sees his wife is wearing a bra and panties through a small crack in the closet door. She takes off her panties and sits on the edge of the bed. David tears up, disgusted at the betrayal, asking himself, do I really deserve this? I did my best to make her happy. As his wife spreads her legs open, a woman with long brown hair starting licking her inner thighs. David’s wife moans loudly. David’s heart stops, and he can’t look away.


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