A Toast To The Future

Two wine glasses are on a counter. Someone is pouring wine in the glasses. The bottle is placed on the counter and the glasses are picked up. A beautiful woman wearing a nightie is carrying the wine glasses to a shirtless man sitting in a chair. He pushes a necklace box in his pocket. She hands him a glass.

TISHA: Happy anniversary babe.

PETE: Thank you love, and many more…

They cling the glasses in a toast. Tisha is drinking and watching Pete take a swallow. Pete starts to feel warm and dizzy.

PETE: Hon, I don’t feel too good…

TISHA: I know sweetie…your wine has and extra ingredient…

Tisha’s face starts to blur as Pete watches her talk.

TISHA: I grew tired of this loveless marriage, so I decided to make it officially over.

Pete falls to the floor, his eyes still on Tisha, she’s on her cell phone, his eyes blink a few times.

TISHA: Hello…I need help! My husband overdosed on my meds, and had wine, he left a suicide note, please help. (PAUSE)

She looks towards the floor, but Pete wasn’t there. She hangs up. Tisha jumps and looks around. She gets really nervous, because she can’t find him.

TISHA: Baby! That was my little anniversary joke. I just put a roofie in your drink, I wanted take advantage of you…baby, you just need to sleep it off…

Tisha walks around the house looking for Pete. A hand grabs on Tisha’s leg; she falls to the floor.

PETE: (Almost a whisper) You bitch.

TISHA: I told you it was a joke!

Ambulance sirens are approaching

PETE: You’re gonna die with me.

Tisha injured her arm on the fall. She turns to try to stand, but Pete climbs on top of her and chokes her with the anniversary necklace he bought for her. There’s banging at the door, but Tisha and Pete are laying there dead.

An Ally Way Production Write

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