A Not So Friendly Transaction

Missy wakes up coughing and gagging on an awful smell. She opens her eyes and realizes she fell asleep behind a dumpster. It was daylight now, so it was safe to come out. At least she hopes. She holds on to the wall and the dumpster to pull herself up. She has on four inch heels and a mini skirt. She brushes the dirt off her outfit and tries to smooth out some wrinkles in her clothes before she walks out the alleyway. She walks back to the front of the bar she was in last night and sees her cell phone smashed on the ground. She picks it up, examining the damage and hoping her information isn’t lost. A man across the street glares at her and she sees him and gets nervous. She walks fast up the block and hails a taxi. A cab stops and she gets in.

“Can you take me to 1256 West Street?”

The driver looks back at her, astonished.

“Is there a problem?”

“No. Your money is green, and that’s all I care about.”


Missy looks through her purse and pops an estrogen pill in her mouth. She thinks to herself that moving back to her hometown wasn’t worth the money she saved from not being in Los Angeles.


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