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The Move In Boos

Tiffany and Mike are moving into their new home. They are unpacking boxes in the dining room area. They wanted to be out of their apartment by the end of the month, and they didn’t realize it was Halloween night. The sounds of children screaming and laughing fill the air.

“Aw shit.” Tiffany groaned. “We didn’t pick up any candy for the kids. We’re making a bad impression already.”

“Tiff, we’re just moving in. They can’t expect candy.”

“You think the kids won’t knock on the door? You know what, I’ll put a sign on the door saying, no candy here.

“Okay, whatever. I’ll be upstairs putting our new bed together. I want to break that thing in tonight.”

Mike walks upstairs. Tiffany digs in a box a takes out a black sharpie and a piece of printing paper. As she writes on the paper, there’s a knock on the door. Tiffany rolls her eyes and goes to the door to answer it. A little girl, is standing there holding a basket.

“Trick or treat?”

“Hey, aren’t you adorable.” Tiffany smiles at the child.

“I’m a princess.”

“I’ve never seen a zombie princess before. I’m so sorry, we’re just moving in, so we don’t have any candy.”

“No trick either?”

“I didn’t think kids actually wanted anything but candy. I don’t have either. You know, you shouldn’t be knocking on doors alone. Where’s your mom? Do you live in this neighborhood?”

The girl points next door.

“You live next door? Let me walk you home. Just a minute.”

Tiffany walks back inside and picks up a jacket. She turns back around, and she sees a neighbor holding a bottle of champagne. Mike comes downstairs.

“I can use some help with the bed. Are you going somewhere?”

A neighbor walks in the doorway. “I don’t mean to disturb you. I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. I’m Beth. How long have you been married?”

“Great starter question.” Tiffany replies sarcastically. “I’m trying to help a little girl who should not be walking the neighborhood alone.”

“All the kids are walking in groups.”

“Not this little girl. She pointed to the house next door, and I want to talk to her mom about letting her zombie princess walk around alone.”

Beth looks astonished. “Are you serious right now?”

Tiffany: “Wha…”

“Did Susan put you up to this?”

Beth’s eyes began to tear up. Tiffany doesn’t know what to say.

“Susan moved in last year and said the same thing. Do you two think it’s funny joking about me losing my child? You both can go to hell?”

Beth leaves. Mike and Tiffany look at each other.

Mike asks, “When was the girl here?”

“Just a moment ago.”

“Oh. I thought you were on the phone. I didn’t hear anyone else.”


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A Pawn’s Play

Calvin cries hard in his car for 30 minutes. He pounds his fist on the car steering wheel until it turns black and blue. He needed to feel pain somewhere else to detract from the pain he’s feeling in his heart. Calvin cups his face, hyperventilating. How in a matter of six months, his life had gone to shit? He didn’t have anyone else to blame, but he tried to pin the failed marriage on his wife. It was her fault, because she gave up on them. He was done with all the cheating. He left the other women alone, and that’s when she dumped him. He was ready to try, but she was fed up with the lies. The breakups with the other women were nasty, so he can’t go back to them. And now Chloe is no longer pregnant, so nothing is connecting her to him. He is so angry, he wants her to suffer for moving on.

Calvin speaks out-loud. “If I can’t be happy, she won’t be happy.”

Calvin thinks of ideas to ruin Chloe’s life. Burning the house down, robbing the house, or having her kidnapped were some ideas. Then he settles on getting her pregnant again.

A baby will fix the marriage, he reasons to himself.

He came up with a plan to wait until she gets home, push her in the house, and force her to be with him. Somehow, that plan sounded logical to Calvin, but Chloe left work early, because she was shaken by the behavior of Calvin at her job.

Later, Calvin parked blocks away and hid in the bushes. He sees Chloe’s lights are on, so she’s already home. He has to make a plan B to get in the house. He thinks he should gain her trust, so he can walk-in. Calvin steps out of the bushes, straightens his clothes, and knocks on the door.

Calvin speaks in a soft tone. “Chloe, can we talk? I know things got out of hand earlier.”

Chloe looks out the window and glares at Calvin. “Things got out of hand? You came to my job starting a fight. You can talk to me through my attorney!”

Chloe walks away from the window. Calvin loses his patience. His eyes are bloodshot red.

“Bitch! I will make your life hell. You’ll wish you were dead!”

Chloe walks back to the window and looks around. She sees neighbors and people on the street looking on. Chloe cracks the front door open.

“Calvin… calm down,” she whispers.

Calvin pushes the front door wide open and walks in. Chloe screams and backs up. The neighbors hear three shots. One of her neighbors runs in her house and sees Calvin is lying on the floor bleeding out of his chest. Chloe is standing over him with a gun.

“I called the police five minutes ago, when I saw him hiding in your bushes. Are you okay?”

Chloe has a solemn look on her face.

“I think so.”

Police sirens are approaching. The neighbor goes outside to meet the cops.

Chloe thinks out-loud, “I finally got rid of the bastard.”