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Just Another Weekday

A center city parking lot I’ve been using for a year, and paying seven dollars a day was my best kept secret. Now if I arrive after 8:15am, there are no parking spots left. Refusing to pay a cent more at another parking lot, I park on two-hour limit streets, moving my car around all day.

It’s annoying but free…

I go into the office and walk to the back to refrigerate my lunch. An older woman from my job brings in leftover snacks, cookies or cakes. I see her put a bag on the table. 90 percent of the time she brings in expired goods for us to eat.

Insulting as that is, that old shit gets eaten by some people in here…

I’m not this crazy healthy person, but I have a pretty good balance. A coworker expressed she needed to eat better, for health reasons, and she could use some support at work. I told her I would encourage her to eat well and check and see if she took her medicine. But the three times I suggested she should eat a salad when she wanted to eat unhealthy, she told me to “shut the fuck up.”  And I finally did. She comes in Friday and says, “look Hannah, I’m eating a salad.” I looked over at her and turned back around.

I’m thinking whoopty, fucking do…

I’m riding home down a one-way center city block. While I’m at a red light a bicyclist knocks on the passenger side window of my car and stares right at me. I wind the window down and he informs me that I almost clipped him with my side mirror. I said I was sorry, I didn’t see him and it was an accident. He went on the tell me the distance I was supposed to be from his bike. I looked down at the road, No bike lane on this block. I said there was no way to measure that on this little block, but I did apologize.  He was still looking at me and I didn’t know what he wanted from me.

Okay, I’ll admit, my apologies are not usually sincere. There’s usually animosity behind them…

I accused the cyclist of hating drivers, because that’s what they do. His look and speech spoke volumes as to how he feels about drivers.

The light turned green, leaving the debate unresolved…

Just another weekday.

1 comment on “Just Another Weekday

  1. estelle miles

    Shut the fk up. I don’t want no dayumn salad. Stop.lookin at me like that u bytch. lmao, cthu

    Liked by 1 person

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