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Broken Promises

I’m on this self-improvement kick for like the 100th time. I’m in the gym again, cut out ice cream again and re-affirmed my goals AGAIN. Over the years, I’ve tortured my friends, family, coworkers and clients talking about my physical improvement goals, and I know they’re sick of hearing about it.

At least that’s what I’m told…

New Year’s resolutions dissolved, summer bikini promises broken and the vision board gets ignored. Self-improvement of any kind is difficult, especially without accountability to keep us on the path.

Why is it so hard to better yourself?

There are so many self-improvement blogs like Lifehack, that have tips on how to improve different aspects of your life. I’m subscribed to them, but I need to make time to read the articles! I think life takes over, and I’m stuck in a redundant routine that my brain has on autopilot. This is what keeps me average.

Who’s cracked the code? Likely the millionaires of the world…


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