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The Freaks Next Door

Jenny keeps to herself, mostly, but her new neighbors insist on being friends. Every time she leaves the house she sees either Jacob or Ana outside. They’re nice people, but the coincidence is too much. Jenny lives alone, and she knows she’s hot, so now she is convinced Jacob and Ana are freaks that are looking for a third party. Jenny started parking her car in her garage, which helped her avoid speaking to them. She would simply waved hello and give them a fake smile. This new plan only worked a few times. The fourth time Jenny tried to leave her garage, she sat in the car with the engine running, and when the garage door opened, Ana was standing there blocking Jenny from moving. Jenny saw she couldn’t back up without running over Ana and Ana wasn’t moving.

Jenny steps out the running car and addresses Ana. “I’m running late for work.”

“Do you run late coming home? Because it feels like you’re avoiding us. Did we offend you? I guess I’m just use to being friends with my neighbors.”

Jenny scrambles to save face. “Oh, I thought we were friends already, I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“Well…come to our dinner party tonight, if you mean it.”

“Um…sure, what time?”


“That’s awfully late to eat.”

“Jacob and I love eating after the sun is down. Live a little and try it our way.”

“Okay, see you then.”

Jenny leaves for work. She’s trying to come up with a plan to cancel that won’t look bad. She decides to go eat and see what happens for herself. That night Jenny puts on a little black dress and high heels. Around 7:45 she noticed other people arriving next door, so she feels the party is legit. She walks to the house and rings the doorbell. Ana answers the door and invites her in. She hands her a glass of champagne and a sealed envelope that said, what kind of freak are you? Jenny gulped down the champagne and took a seat in the living room with the other guests.

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The Surprise Talk

Marla knew something was going down. She heard whispers from the clique groups at the job. She wasn’t going to ask for gossip, she wanted to know the real info. Marla was laid off two companies in the past, and the atmosphere of gossip, and the boss letting you leave on time all week feels all too familiar.

She tried not to get upset, but she put her blood sweat and tears in her work so she won’t be in this position again. She thought being indispensable was the key, but now she’s thinking there is no key.

After creeping around her boss finally speaks to her in the lobby.

“Marla, I need to see you in my office at the end of the day.”

“Okay, is there anything I need to bring?”

“No, just you.”


Marla walks to her desk fuming over the talk her boss wants to have.

Marla says to herself, “They let you work the whole day, then they send you packing…is that in a handbook or something?”

Five o’clock comes and Marla notices how people are staring at her as she walks to the boss’s office. She decides she’s going to rip him a new one, because she has worked so hard and it wasn’t appreciated. Marla opens the boss’s door…

Everyone yells, “Surprise!”

Marla jumps.

Everyone sings, “Happy birthday to you… happy birthday dear Marla…happy birthday to you!”

Marla’s boss walks up to her smiling. “I wanted you to know that I appreciate your hard work, and I see you.”

Marla was so excited to be noticed, she couldn’t break it to them that her birthday was next month.”

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I Spy With My Little Eye

Janey is tired of arguing with her husband. For the past year, he has been absent in every sense of the word. Whenever Janey addresses the problem, he evades questions and acts like nothing has changed. But it has. Janey and Donald haven’t had sex for four months, and his out of town business trips are more frequent. Janey wants to have a baby, and Donald wants to wait until he makes partner. Janey knows something is wrong no matter how much her husband acts like it’s in her head. She decides to follow him on his next business trip. Donald said he will be out of town for four days in California to meet with clients. He left for the airport the next day. Janey called his office, disguising her voice.

“Hi, this is Sara calling for Mr. Johnson. Mr. Peters is waiting for him, and he’s concerned that he’s not coming.”

The assistant doesn’t recognize Janey’s voice. “I’m so sorry if there was a scheduling error. Mr. Johnson is in New Jersey at a meeting. I can reach out to him at Colossal Suites….”

“No need. I believe I made the scheduling error.”


Janey hangs up and picks up her keys. 

Later, Janey is in the parking lot of Colossal Suites, checking out the area through binoculars. Her sister is in the passenger seat eating a hoagie.

“Enough with the stakeout shit. Are we going to fuck him and that bitch up or what?” Jody says through a full mouth of hoagie.

“That’s why your ghetto ass is here. I need to figure out what room he’s in. Let’s go in. I have an idea.”

They walk in the lobby. Jody waits by the elevators. Janey walks to the front desk.

“Hi. My husband was meeting me here, but his phone is going straight to voicemail. I’m supposed to get a key to the room.”

The attendant looks at Janey’s face and clothes. “Name and id please.”

“I’m Janey Johnson. My husband is Donald Johnson. He checked in this morning.”

Janey shows the attendant her driver’s license.

“Yes. He’s in the honeymoon suite 500.”

Janey’s eyes start to burn. She put on a fake smile.  “It’s our anniversary.”

The attendant smiles. “Happy anniversary!”

He hands Janey a key card.


Janey’s smile washes away when she turns around and heads to the elevator.

“Jody, he’s in the honeymoon suite.”

“Calm down before someone hears you. We got him. Let’s go up.”

The elevator ride is long and quiet.

Janey and Jody hear loud moaning through the door. They look at each other with disgust.

Janey opens the door…Donald is having sex with a man on the sofa. Janey cups her mouth.

Jody screams.  “I knew it!”