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The Way He Works

I really can’t stand Pete. He swooped in this place and has gotten the attention of upper management with his so-called “charm”. How is that possible in the two months he’s been here? He has no skills, ideas or brains to contribute to the team, or he just decides not to use any. I’ve been here two years and I’ve been a reliable source of information and have contributed to the team tremendously. No manager pats me on the back, it’s like it’s my job, so I do it. The fact that he presents himself as a project leader is a joke. I don’t have any allies because the whole team is under his power, and kissing his ass. I seem to be the only one with the ability to see him for who he is…a manipulative fraud.

I heard that he took credit for my ideas and leadership for a big project and he was invited to talk with the upper management about it in a meeting. I was blazing mad. The rest of the team felt I was over reacting and getting emotional. I calmed down because I was looking crazy and I figured his meeting would flop, because he is a know nothing air head. Do you know he had the audacity to ask ME for MY notes for the meeting? He smiled his charming smile, but it didn’t work on me. I did give him notes though. I immediately concocted a plan to give him altered notes. I went to the file on the computer and I switched important details with words like ass wipe, printed and didn’t save the changes on my files.  I made enough copies for everyone in the meeting. Pete sneaked over to my desk for the copies, right before the meeting, this idiot plans on winging it instead of being prepared for the meeting. I hand him the folder and the smile I gave him was real for the first time since I met him.


I’m Hannah Erica, a Philly native and the writer for this website. I received my Bachelor’s in Communications with a Journalism certificate from the University of Phoenix. I came from a big family, and growing up we didn’t have many material things to play with, so our creative sides came out. As a child I would write skits that my siblings and I acted out, and I would write children's books to read to my younger siblings. More than a decade ago a started writing film scripts and completed two. It's a tough business to get work published, so I put the film script writing on the back burner and I write short stories that I publish on my own website. "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."- Milton Berle.

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