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There’s no living without complications. With people dealing with health scares, loss of income or death in the family, it seems trivial to complain about my latest complication…a traffic violation.

But this really sucks…

Driving 700 miles to get home, we got kinda anxious. The music was blasting, we’re singing along with Beyoncé, the next thing I know, I’m being pulled over by the state police. I’ve seen it happen to other people, but now it happened to me. I was given a summons for a reckless endangerment charge. I’m ordered to appear in court. All I can say is my car has a turbo engine, so I was unaware of the high speed.

After that episode, the car ride was quiet enough to hear crickets for at least an hour…

Later, my mom asked me about the drive home, so my “reckless endangerment” charge came up. My parents are in between senior and elderly in age, so it’s cute when they parent me.  Overhearing my mom and I conversing about the charge, my dad thinks I’m in jail. He starts yelling at my mom for answers now. He was trying to see if I needed a lawyer.

Maybe I will need one…

Is this nothing to complain about??


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