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Birthday Girl

My birthday is coming up, and when you are a woman of a certain… ahem, “mature” age you feel like you should get dressed and have fun to prove to yourself you still got “it.”

At least I think so….

I couldn’t be sexy as a teen or in my early 20s, so I’m still making up for lost time. I know there are more important things than being sexy for birthday pictures. Birthdays are times for epiphanies, resolutions or future promises to ourselves.

I’m left with my broken promises…

When I measure my accomplishments against the average woman my age, I think I’m doing okay.

But I don’t want to be average…

There are so many things I haven’t done yet. Travel wise, I haven’t been on a cruise or left the country. Fitness wise, I didn’t get that washboard stomach. Love wise, I didn’t find the man of my dreams. Career wise, I’m looking to climb. Financial wise, the page isn’t long enough to complain. The financial issue can solve three out of the four other issues.

I think about my mortality, how many “good” years I have left. I think about what I’ve experienced, accomplished and my goals.

Time for more promises…

9 comments on “Birthday Girl

  1. livingwelllaughoften

    You are blessed, you have health, you can write and encourage others, share your message. Hey its never late for anything trust me you are on time. Pray before you do anything and Happy bithday! 😉


  2. livingwelllaughoften

    Hey you are blessed and thats what matters just think about the good side of things. A great example you have a blog encourage others , your message is never too late you are on time. Pray give thanks for all the little things😉

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  3. I will take some pointers from that. Thanks Sheryl?


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