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What the Tongue Can Do

The tongue is a powerful instrument. It can inspire, introduce and entice . It can also devastate someone with one sentence… even if the words had good intentions. In general people respect honesty, but when is it a good time keep it real? Honesty is all good until there is a contrasting opinion.

I choose my honesty battles.

I don’t believe the story about George Washington. We all lie. Whether it’s faking an orgasm, looking to make a good impression, or trying to avoid harm. We all have our reasons, and that’s life. Society is built on lies and credit.

I used to try to be perfect because that’s how I was raised. In a religious household, there are restrictions and expectations that are beyond human abilities. You must pray every day for God to forgive you for your sins, when it is impossible to be without sin. I decided to go my own way without religion.

I’m left confused about life’s purpose, but feeling free to be human.

My human ways have left me free use of my tongue. Except when talking to my parents, my boss, my kids, and not hurting my friend’s feelings. I’m as free as a caged bird. I’m being real with myself, you have to look in the mirror and figure out your own shit.

I can’t help you.

I’m Hannah Erica, a Philly native and the writer for this website. I received my Bachelor’s in Communications with a Journalism certificate from the University of Phoenix. I came from a big family, and growing up we didn’t have many material things to play with, so our creative sides came out. As a child I would write skits that my siblings and I acted out, and I would write children's books to read to my younger siblings. More than a decade ago a started writing film scripts and completed two. It's a tough business to get work published, so I put the film script writing on the back burner and I write short stories that I publish on my own website. "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."- Milton Berle.

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