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Water Cooler Gossip

Dayna sees Mike and Coco whispering in the break-room as she walks by with files. She drops the files on her desk and grabs a mug. She rushes over to the break-room.

Dayna: What did I miss?

Dayna walks to the water-cooler and adds hot water to her mug. Coco glares over in Dayna’s direction. Dayna is making a cup of tea.

Mike: It’s no big deal, Dayna.

Coco: Yeah, you don’t have to know everything.

Dayna: Well, I guess I won’t share what I know about the final three applicants being considered for Jean’s old position.

Dayna walks towards the door. Mike gets up.

Mike: Wait. 

Dayna stops and turns around with a smirk on her face. Mike stands close to Dayna.

Mike: How do you know who the final three are?

Dayna: I write most of Casey’s emails. I’m drafting them today, so I know a lot.

Mike rubs Dayna’s arm. Dayna looks down at her arm.

Mike: So you know who the final three are?

Dayna: You don’t have to rub my arm. I don’t make the decision. And…

Dayna leans in to whisper to Mike.

Dayna: It ain’t you.

Dayna laughs and walks out.

Hannah Erica, is a Philly native and the writer for Weeklysweetspot. She received her Bachelor in Communications, with a Journalism certificate, from the University of Phoenix. More than a decade ago she started writing film scripts and completed two. It's a tough business to get work published, so she put the film script writing on the back burner and write short stories that publish on Weeklysweetspot, and journalism articles for Up1media.

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