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Water Cooler Gossip

Dayna sees Mike and Coco whispering in the break-room as she walks by with files. She drops the files on her desk and grabs a mug. She rushes over to the break-room.

Dayna approaches Mike and Coco. “What did I miss?”

To break the awkward silence, Dayna walks to the water-cooler and adds hot water to her mug. Coco glares over in Dayna’s direction. Dayna is making a cup of tea.

Mike exhales deeply.  “It’s no big deal, Dayna.”

“Yeah, you don’t have to know everything.” Coco added.

“Well, I guess I won’t share what I know about the final three applicants being considered for Jean’s old position.”

Dayna walks towards the door. Mike stands up.


Dayna stops and turns around with a smirk on her face. Mike stands close to Dayna.

“How do you know who the final three are?” Mike asked.

“I write most of Casey’s emails. I’m drafting them today, so I know a lot.”

Mike rubs Dayna’s arm. Dayna looks down at her arm he rubs.

Mike smiles. “So you know who the final three are?”

“You don’t have to rub my arm. I don’t make the decision. And…”

Coco stands there with her arms crossed. Dayna leans in to whisper to Mike.

“But…it ain’t you.”

Dayna laughs and walks out.


Hannah Erica, is a Philly native and writer of the flash fiction stories for Weeklysweetspot. You can also find her essays, poems and articles on She received her B.S. in Communications, with a Journalism certificate, from the University of Phoenix. More than a decade ago she started writing film scripts and completed two. It's a tough business to get work published, so she put the film script writing on the back burner and write short stories that publish on

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